Can u smoke klonopin in a bbowl

12. prosince 2011 v 9:05

Meth smokers smoke out of a glass pipe similar to a crack pipe but it has a round bowl at the end so they can tilt it side to side to melt down the meth
Hi Everyone, I thought I Can u smoke klonopin in a bbowl was long overdue to add some Can u smoke klonopin in a bbowl more of my very favourite recipes, as Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is busy planning there .
How can you get the HIGHEST by smoking weed out of a bowl, bong, and a blunt? LOL amatures. The answer is all three ,one after the other!
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dude I feel for you. My whole life Iv been a 1 bowl man. that .
Can you smoke klonopins in foil. Seroquel question: Can you freebase klonopin? yes it can physically be done, but it's just a tiny buzz. Put it in a bowl mixed with .
Best Answer: Yes, the black stuff is called 'resin'. Its just THC that builds up on bongs, bowls, anything you smoke out of. I frequently scrape my devices .
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Best Answer: Somebody is pulling both of your legs. Milk? Yeah right. You really are better off just taking it as a normal pill. Klonipin doesn't do well as a .
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