How do you make symbol sad face on keyboard keys

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Put some emotion into the cowboy hero by using the variations of the smiley face along with the symbols used for the hat. The cowboy can be sad, :( angry :{ or silly ;p.
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How do you make symbol and smiley faces with the keyboard keys?
using emoticons, which symbol indicates a tear. . . In . If you're having a go at making your own sad face emoticon, you could try a tear. . no they do not work you .
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how do i insert a smily face on a txt message with a nokia e71 i cant find the bracet key anywhere ?
Email messages are sometimes misunderstood by the recipient. Understanding the tone of How do you make symbol sad face on keyboard keys the message is left up to the recipient, and so a friendly message can be read .
I wanted to know how you make the heart (not this one
ASCII art ( making keyboard symbols/pictures ) - look to the related link below .
Uninstalling is very easy! How do you make symbol sad face on keyboard keys For Internet Explorer Users - Simply go the start menu/control panel, click on add/remove program and remove Facicons.
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