What happens when you crush up and smoke tylenol

12. prosince 2011 v 8:58

Weird burning and pains in stomach PLEASE HELP? ok I am not really sure what is wrong but on Friday (new years) my friend and i both drank mint liqueur , only 2 .
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Can you get high if you crush up tylenol and snort it? ChaCha Answer: No you can't it will just make you feel sick. ChaCha!
Yes, you can break a tylenol in half and it will half roughly the same effect. It is not specially coated in any way. Aspirin would be a different story, it is .
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Some were lucky enough to get in, grab the items they were waiting for and get out, while .
Best Answer: You destroy the controlled release of the drug Oxycodone. This results in the immediate absorption of all the drug into the system. This can lead to .
Can you snort a 512 percocet? You can snort anything that will fit into your nostril. Can

What happens when you crush up and smoke tylenol

you snort percocet with suboxone? In all honesty, you shouldnt snort ANY.
What happens if you crush and snort Alza 36? ChaCha Answer: The alza 36 is considered to be a adhd drug called methylphenidate it wil.
A few thousand A few thousand You are kidding right? Okay, I was lying.I want to kill myself. Like right now and all I have is co-codamol and ibuprofen.
What happens when you crush and snort Tylenol? That is a question I am not brave enough to find out. My personal opinion is that Tylenol is made to ease pain by .
Answers for What happens when you snort Klonopin:Klonopin isn't. If you go to bed high will you be high when you wake up. Can you shoot crack; Do you smoke weed?
Best Answer: wow, everybody seems to be so judgmental. Percocet has Tylenol in it, and I have no idea what will happen there. It'd be best not to risk it, because .
I took five little cup fulls in under five minutes. What are the side effects for this?. Find answers to the question, What happens when you crush up and smoke tylenol What Happens If You Overdose On NyQuil? from .

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